Custom Branded Dispensary Websites

Bring the style and character of your Compassion Center to life with custom branding, elegant designs, and dynamic content features.

Online E-commerce & Booking Systems

Transform your online presence with our dynamic E-commerce solutions to sell anything from merchandise products to event tickets,.

Advanced Online Analytic Services

Analyze information about your online users, track their engagement with your website, and figure out the ROI of your online expenditures.

Custom websites enhance the marketability of your Compassion Center.

Our sites provide potential patients with member information and state-of-the-art online menu features. Dispensary Web Apps is here to design, develop, and maintain enterprising web systems for compassion centers and cannabis brands. Our web systems provide our clients and their customers a seamless experience across all platforms- internet browsers, smart phones, tablets and more. 

Our services don’t stop after we’ve developed your site.

The Dispensary Web Apps team works side by side with your business to keep you on the cutting edge of internet technology.

We can assist you by developing strategic online marketing campaigns and setting up targeted advertisement triggers.

With Dispensary Web Apps you get secure login access to a personalized dashboard where you can monitor your web system, update and edit content and media, and react to customer behavior.

Every click a visitor makes is recorded; we take this data, analyze it, and enable you to capitalize on it!

Not only can we give you marketing insights at the aggregate data level; Dispensary Web Apps can get personal.

For example, we can track a visitor’s ip-address and search requests to see which listings they are viewing, how much time they are spending on each one, how many times they’ve visited that listing, where they are search from and more.

With this information you can now reach out to this visitor by enticing them with a special deal on a more expensive rental if they book now. Or you could simply have us set up a triggered ad (‘Call us now to speak to an agent about this listing!’) that displays to anyone who’s visited the same page more than a specified number of times.

Dispensary Web Apps has a dynamic team that is ready to work with you to meet your individualized needs. We are here for you every step of the way.

From design to web development to data analysis, Dispensary Web Apps is your one stop shop for custom web solutions.

We tailor our products and develop new services to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Drop us a line, through our contact page, to realize your business’s potential today!


More than a Website

It is 2018. Simply a nice billboard on the internet will not keep your customers coming in the door. We can setup services that improve your customer’s’ experience.

HIPAA Compliance

– Securely and safely, send and receive patient information

Ease of Application

– Patient directly into submittable PDFs

Stay in Touch

-App Icon with contact info that launches website when network is available. Text message or email your patients directly from your web app dashboard. Email marketing made simple.

Get your Team Involved

– Blogging, shop keeping, inventory management, social media integration and more

Mix it up

– Update your websites slideshow and content right from your phone

Get Feedback

– Ask and improve with customizable contact forms

Enticing Menus

– Display the quality and diversity of your products

Virtual Tours

– Let your prospective customers step through your door (in a sense)

SEO made Simple

– We make what can be a vague guessing game into a step by step process.

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